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Unionlearn Learning Agreement

The partnership between the unionlearn and the NEC allows trade unionists access to more than 120 levels 2 and 3 accredited courses. Unionlearn and NEC have implemented a series of joint marketing and promotional actions to promote a 10% discount for union students on nec courses and targeted support for minorities with disabilities, young, black and ethnic. For more details, see: www.unionlearn.org.uk/higher-education-discounts-trade-union-members The Unionlearn model to support the development of mid-life places the trade union representative at the heart of the review process. The audit takes into account the individual as a whole and applies to any working adult, regardless of the sector or number of jobs. This process is particularly useful in supporting worker development, preventing workers from exiting the labour market and supporting those whose jobs are being restructured. This report follows the results of the latest Learning and Work Institute (2020) report that the government should continue to invest in the FLF to help workers access learning in the workplace. In addition, we propose that the ULF network and its ULR network offer considerable potential to increase the number of learners and learners among the most difficult to reach. The infrastructure is already in place and ULF projects are providing consistently. Additional funding would increase the government`s ability to reach learners who need English, math and ICT. The government should add additional targets to the strengthening of funding. Among the new objectives, the EU`s initiatives on learning and skills “create” added value for the trade union map and provide a great showcase for the positive work of trade unions. Ensure that members and non-members are aware of your successes and the role the union has played in carrying out your learning project or learning activity. So, publicize what you`re doing: perhaps the most telling was that employers recognized the added value of union learning and positively assessed their longer-term future.

Four out of five advocated that union learning benefit participants, and more than three in five said it would benefit the organization. Four out of five strongly supported the union`s role in apprenticeships and almost nine out of ten said they would continue to participate in such activities with unions. The Learning Climbing Frame union is a free online website for union representatives, designed to help learners and promote learning in the workplace. It includes a section entitled “Learning Topics,” which contains up-to-date information, links and resources on a number of topics, including learner support, functional skills, health and wellness, as well as personal development and career planning.

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