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Us Cuba Agreement

Leogrande, William M., “Trump`s Hard Line on Cuba Is a Bluff, and Havana Knows It,” World Politics Review, June 20, 2017, www.worldpoliticsreview.com/articles/22504/trump-s-hard-line-on-cuba-is-a-bluff-and-havana-knows-it, page viewed July 15, 2017. Since 1990, the United States has presented various resolutions to the annual UN Commission on Human Rights criticizing Cuba`s human rights record. The proposals and diplomatic differences that followed were described as an “almost annual ritual”.” [49] There has been no long-term consensus among Latin American nations. [50] Until the end of the Cold War in 1992, a significant change had occurred in Geneva, with representatives of the UN Human Rights Committee moving from initial rejection, then to indifference and responsibility for the diplomatic efforts of the Cuban anti-Castro human rights movement. [51] Duany, Jorge, “Cuba Migration: An Exodus from Post-Revolution, ebbs and Flows,” Migration Policy Institute, July 6, 2017, www.migrationpolicy.org/article/cuban-migration-postrevolution-exodus-ebbs-and-flows, page viewed July 14, 2017. Gémez Torres, Nora, “U.S. deports first Cubans since end of`wet foot, dry foot,” Miami Herald, February 17, 2017, www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/cuba/article133422234.html, page viewed July 13, 2017. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez signs an agreement with Castro allowing Venezuela to send oil at a high discount to Cuba in exchange for Cuban aid in the fields of education, health, science and technology. Chavez joined Castro`s anti-U.S. early on. Shortly after taking office in February 1999, he announced a government overhaul of the national oil giant PDVSA, then the largest foreign oil supplier to the United States.

In the following years, Venezuela increased its oil exports to Cuba in exchange for an increase in Cuban technical staff, including doctors, teachers and other social workers. Toosi, Nahal, “GOP Falling for Cuba`s Allure,” December 17, 2015, POLITICO, www.politico.com/story/2015/12/cuba-havana-obama-216742, page viewed July 19, 2017. During 2015-2016, Cuba y los Estados Unidos hicieron zancadas muy important tras de la re-lanza de las rela diplomcionesteticos entre los dos pa`ses bajo Presidentes Barak Obama Rau y Castro. Estos cambios fueron psicol-gicos y simbélicos a medida que avanzaban los temas claves de respecto mutual, soberanéa, y reconciliacién. También eran pragméticos, atravesando una ampa gama de temas de viajes y hospitalidad, lo que ha ayudado a catalizar un important aumento en los viajeros estadounidenses a la isla, a las telecomunicaciones ya la migracién. Estas medidas reflejaban la aparicién de una coalicién efectiva entre unos grupos interesados estadounidenses que organizaban fuerzas juntas e individuales para recuperar la ventaja sobre la propuesta tradicional de la disposra cubana que era pro embargo. With the election of Republican Donald Trump as president of the United States, the state of relations between the United States and Cuba in January 2017 was unclear.

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