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Visibility Enterprise Agreement

While other portfolio providers have enterprise agreements or security platforms, the offerings are fading compared to Cisco. Let`s highlight three key features that allow Cisco Secure`s portfolio to buy and use the simplest – ultimately, to help you, over time, consolidate security providers without compromising safety efficiency or creating manufacturer`s lockdown. Easy to buy: Customers will receive a single contract, duration and workspace for licensing rights management You might ask yourself: how to add SecureX to an enterprise agreement? The answer is that you don`t need it, because all Cisco Secure customers already have the right to SecureX and it is included in your existing product licenses. You can start and grow with SecureX with a single product as your requirements require. Cisco Blogs/Security/Enterprise Agreement – Integrated Platform – #1 Security Differentiation Facility: Predictable Billing with Price Protection All enterprise agreements offer you a discount if you buy more products, including Cisco, to go further your budgets. However, the price protection you mentioned to ensure a predictable count is even more valuable. That`s why Cisco is building 20% annual growth on real terms. This means that if you purchase 100 licenses in Sept 2020 and use 115 licenses by March 2021 (six months later), your annual payment will remain the same in September 2021. Suppose you increased to 150 licenses by June 2021 – then your annual payment in September 2021 for 130 licenses (20 licenses are part of your authorized growth). Most importantly, over the past 3 months, Cisco doesn`t retroactively charge you with your integrated annual growth – it`s Cisco True Forward! The DLT Marketplace optimizes sourcing, provides transparency and asset tracking, increases technology acceptance and provides real-time reporting.

There are many other visibility issues we`ve solved: from aggregation and correlation between local context and global intelligence in a view with secureX threat response to connection with your infrastructure, including third-party security, with built-in, pre-packaged and customized SecureX integrations. This agreement does not allow you to manage a single coterminous agreement on a portal, but also covers all security licenses and includes 24×7 support with a 1 hour response. In addition, the agreement can also be extended to your business network, data center and collaboration licenses, in order to achieve this even more clearly.

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