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Yacht Crew Agreement Form

And: – The conditions of a sailor`s employment must be defined or described in a clear, legally enforceable written agreement and must comply with the standards established by the code. 6. Confidentiality clause6.11. The company will keep confidential all information provided by the customer regarding the customer`s activities and that the customer is declared confidential or otherwise reasonable. 6.12. The client expressly acknowledges that information reported as disclosed to candidates and/or crew members (either on the website or by other means) is not considered confidential.6.13. All information about a crew member is confidential information that provides the customer only to allow customers to determine whether the crew member is fit for engagement. The Customer guarantees to keep this information confidential and will not use it for any other purpose of verifying the information provided.6.14. The company may withhold information that it is aware of a candidate and/or crew member if required by the person concerned, by the international convention, or by the 1998 law or by the Data Protection Act. 11. The sailor`s right to repatriation (including mode of transport and place of return) and the circumstances in which the sailor is required to honour or reimburse the owner of the vessel for the repatriation costs. 12. The maximum amount paid by the ship`s owner to the sailor as compensation for the loss of personal property from the loss or sinking of the vessel.

13. Information about a collective agreement that is included (in whole or in part) in the collective agreement or otherwise relevant to it. The AES is a contractual agreement between the employer (owner, representative or owner) and the crew member. The sea must be in a language understood by the crew member and translations must be on board if necessary. Get each crew member to sign the agreement when they join the ship and at the end of the voyage. 2.4. “commitment”: when a candidate and/or crew member enters into an employment contract (including a seaman`s contract) with a ship operator or associated unit and/or is engaged, directly or indirectly, through another company or entity, as an independent contractor or employee, to work on or in connection with a ship operator or associated unit. SuperYacht Crew Agency Ltd (www.superyachtcrewagency.com) is and will never remain the employer of a crew member. 2.5. “registration date”: the date the crew member begins to provide services to the vessel`s operator or associated unit. The information and opinions contained in the attached document are not provided as legal advice and Crewseekers does not offer any implicit or other assurance as to the legality or adequacy for the purposes of this information.

According to MGN 477 (M), the content is divided into three parts covering the basic requirement to be included in all agreements, and the subsequent parts are whether the sailor is a worker or not. The provisions to be included in all agreements are: 1. The full name, place of birth and date of birth (or age at the time of contracting) of the sailor. 2. The name and address of the shipowner. 3. Where the agreement is reached. 4. The date the agreement is reached. 5. The capacity in which the sailor must work.

6. If the agreement has been reached for a specified period, the termination date is the termination date. 7. If the agreement has been concluded for an indeterminate period, notice and the circumstances under which such notification may be made are necessary.

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